Wednesday, July 18, 2012

11 Months

Molly is 11 months old as of yesterday.  Yikes!  How did that happen so fast??  A year ago we were wondering what she would be like, completely oblivious to the craziness that the year would bring.  And now here we are, a deployment behind us and planning her first birthday party!


At 11 months, she is a busy girl.  She can get into the tiniest of spaces and eats EVERYTHING.  Even bugs are up for grabs with this girl!


She crawls just like you see in the picture above unless she’s on Grammy’s carpet.  Apparently that is the only surface soft enough for her delicate knees.  Smile  She’s not showing any interest in walking so far but is starting to pull up on any and everything—legs, doors, stairs, brother, etc…


Just yesterday she started clapping and she is so proud of herself.  She also does “big girl” and “night night.”  For a baby who used to hate crowds and being in public in general and who insisted on being in bed by 7:30 sharp she is discovering the art of flirting and loves attention from strangers.  Although she’s still pretty quick to cling to Mommy or Daddy and we’re fine with that!  


She’s still a thumb sucker.  As soon as you pick her up from the crib she pops her left thumb in her mouth and curls her right arm around your neck to snuggle in for a second before she goes out to meet her wild and crazy brother.  I love that part of the day.

We’re starting to work on eating table food although the only things she’s been interested in so far are cheerios, crackers and bananas.  We’ll get there.


Happy 11 months, baby girl!  We love you!

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