Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

We started our celebration with some egg dying before Uncle Matt’s birthday party.  This was the first year that we attempted this and Samuel thought it was fun.  But it was over too quickly.  We also learned that gentleness is not his strong suit. 

IMG_9225 - Copy

IMG_9227 - Copy

IMG_9245 - Copy

Molly supervised from Grammy’s lap

IMG_9251 - Copy

The finished product.

IMG_9255 - Copy

We tried for some pictures before lunch but as usual, they weren’t interested.

IMG_9260 - Copy


IMG_9268 - Copy

This is the best we could get for a group shot. 

IMG_9275 - Copy

But the egg hunt, now that was fun!  Last year Samuel did NOT get the whole egg hunting concept and preferred stealing the cousins’ jelly beans while they were hunting eggs.

IMG_9276 - Copy

This year was a whole different story and he thought it was great fun/

IMG_9280 - Copy

Think he’ll let me put him in blue and white striped pants when he’s 12?  I love this outfit.

IMG_9288 - Copy

IMG_9294 - Copy

Again, sister supervises and cuts her 4th tooth, which would explain the lack of smiling.  Poor baby.

IMG_9296 - Copy

IMG_9298 - Copy

IMG_9302 - Copy

Everyone knows you have to check the eggs for candy.

IMG_9304 - Copy


IMG_9305 - Copy

There’s a little smile!

IMG_9306 - Copy


IMG_9310 - Copy

IMG_9314 - Copy


Aunt Cori helps with the hunting.


And now we have one more holiday to get through before Daddy comes home.  We’re almost there!

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