Saturday, March 24, 2012

7 months–1 week late

I’m a week late but better late than never!

Here are some of Molly’s 7 month stats:

Still not a fan of rolling over or tummy time.  Although she did manage to get herself back to her back a few times.  No sign of crawling in the near future.

She is quite to content to sit on the floor and play for a long, long time.  Most of the time that is the only way she ends up on her tummy—she leans over a little too far for a toy and sort of plops down.  Then she promptly fusses until rescued.

Still loves baby food of all kinds (except bananas) and she is just beginning to learn to get puffs from the tray into her mouth.

She loves to babble and can say dadadadada all day. 

Last week she sat in a high chair for the first time at El Tequila.

She has two bottom teeth and the top two are so close to breaking through.  Edit:  By the time I actually published this at 9:15pm one of those top teeth DID pop through. 

She recognizes people that are familiar to her and will follow them with her eyes wherever they go.  She loves when brother walks in the room.  She is also fascinated with the dogs.

Her blonde hair is filling in all over but still standing straight up on the top.  By the time Daddy gets home that stuff will be standing 3 inches tall!

For the most part she is such a content little baby and still amazes me at how well she sleeps and soothes herself with that thumb in her mouth and long little fingers splayed across her face.  As long as she’s in bed and fast asleep by 8pm she’s happy as a lark! 






And just because it’s so easy to take pictures of such a sweet girl:




What? I’m drooling you say?


A girl’s just got to protect her skin!


This one looks just like Samuel


Oh I love those legs!

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Kim Garner said...

Sooo sweet and amazing how much she looks more and more like Samuel!


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