Friday, January 6, 2012

Farm Boy

Samuel took me outside this morning to show me around the place. We have had unbelievable weather recently and we’re taking every opportunity to get this boy outside before a cold snap hits. 

He’s been here long enough now to get used to the place.  He’s even been to the pond and taken a ride on the tractor.  This morning he showed me how to open the gate to the pasture in case you “accidently” throw the ball on other side of the fence.  He also touches the cows but they weren’t interested in coming to the fence this morning.






After we got bored with the gate we played chase.  I set my camera to the sports setting then ran ahead of him and turned around really fast to snap a picture.  We got a couple of cute ones.  Not the best quality but they really show how much he loves to be outside.





And finally, yesterday was the first day of preschool.  We don’t have any pictures because he was a little unsure and wasn’t it the mood for posing.  But he had a great time so I’ll try to snap a few next week.  They have a playground, music class, and Chick-fil-a once a month.  Those are all of his favorite things so he thinks preschool is a hit!


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Michael Burns said...

Good job Samuel! Daddy is so proud of you. You were a good boy at preschool and you even rested when you were told to. There is a lot to learn around a farm. When I get back you will have to show me around the backyard. Love you. - Daddy.


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