Friday, December 2, 2011

3 Months

Dear Molly,
Your are three months old today!  We’ve hit that magical three month point and you are becoming such a delight.  Here are a few things about you this month:
  • Still sleeping through the night.   Thank you my dear girl!
  • You love your brother and he loves you!  If he's in the room your eyes are on him. 
  • You’re eating 6 times a day.
  • You still spit up.  A lot.  We’re getting used to smelling like soured milk.  I hear it’s the new scent this season!  We never have to worry about you not getting to wear all of your clothes as you average about 3 outfits a day.
  • You’ve become quite content to play on the floor or in your bouncer as long as you can see someone.  But your favorite spot by far is snuggled in someone’s lap.
  • You were on a pretty good nap schedule until the time change and then I’m not sure what happened.  But on Saturday we’re going to OK for a week, then back here for 10 days then back to OK again.  So we’ll worry about a day time schedule when we get to Oklahoma for a longer period.  You’re still pretty happy so we will just go with the flow!
  • You found your voice!  It took awhile but once you found it you never looked back.  You ooh and ahh all day long.  And it seems that you love to sit in the rocking chair on the front porch because you just coo the whole time we’re out there.
We are so glad you joined our little family!  Daddy and I can’t imagine life without you!


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