Friday, December 2, 2011

Two Months

Little Sister was 2 months old on Monday.  I CANNOT believe it.  The first two months with a baby goes by so much faster than the last two months of pregnancy!
She weighs 11 lbs and 12 oz and is just over 23 inches long.  I don’t remember her head circumference but she is in the 70th percentile for all three categories.  Samuel was in the 50th percentile at this age so she’s just a tad bigger.
Most of her newborn hair has fallen out and she no longer has the old man look.  She is starting to work into a napping schedule during the day and (don’t hate me) she has been sleeping through the night for about 3 1/2 weeks.  Of course tonight she’ll be up three times since I told everyone what a great sleeper she is. 
She seems to be a bit more relaxed than Samuel.  Sometimes I’m holding her and think that she must be sleeping because she is so still and I look down and she’s just staring at me.
She LOVES to be held.  Especially on your shoulder snuggled into your neck.  ( I think she might be trying to hide from her big brother.)  But she is learning to be content for longer periods on the floor or in the bouncer and Mommy is thankful for that. 
She is grinning all the time now and will flash us a great smile when we peek over the edge of her crib in the morning.  She likes to coo at the animals on the play gym but we have to work pretty hard to get her to coo at us. Again, probably because every time we get down on the floor to talk to her Samuel is right there to help out and she just gets wide-eyed.  I don’t blame her, he scares me sometimes too!
She was happy and smiling right before we took this picture.  That’s always how it works! 

And here’s a little comparison shot.  She filled out a lot this month.  I keep thinking she will start getting her own little look but instead  I think she looks more and more like Samuel the bigger she gets!

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