Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We have made the most of our Halloween celebration this year.  Mike had Friday off so we carved the pumpkin and went out for lunch.  Then that evening we went down to the marina for Ghouls in the Park.  We were expecting a fall festival kind of atmosphere but they weren’t kidding about ghouls being in the park.  There were tech school students dressed as zombies wandering around trying to scare everybody.  They weren’t always the best at discerning which children to scare and which to leave alone.  A few times I had to get a little scary and shoo them away from Samuel but the plus side was that he stayed close to us without prompting.  And once we got the balloon sword he and his friends decided to just go on the attack against those scary zombies.
Last night we went to FBC Biloxi’s Fall Festival where Samuel rode some ponies and went down a really, really, really, really, really tall slide.  He also got to play a few games and ride a pony! 
And tonight we’ll finish it all off with trick-or-treating.  Base housing trick-or-treating is a big event.  They shut down the road to cars and hundreds of families are out and about.  It’s a lot of fun.  Last year we ran out of candy and had to start handing out candy from Samuel’s pumpkin.  He’s a little smarter this year so I bought more candy this time.
He still can’t figure out why we’re always wanting him to get his hands yucky.
Finished product.  They did a good job!
Two of the four neighborhood buddies, Carter and Samuel.
And here’s all four.  These are Samuel’s new best friends.  They run the nieghborhood between 3 and 5 everyday. Carter and Gabe are the super heroes.  They moved in the duplex attached to us right after Molly was born.  Samuel thinks they are great.  And Brayden lives right behind us.   We actually got them to pose and take a good picture but my flash was off.  I’m so sad.  Hopefully I can get another Mom to send me a copy of their picture.
A high tech Bob the Builder with his iphone.
One very cute Halloween ballerina.  I need to remember to put lipstick on before we take pictures.


Sometimes I wish pictures had sound.

  Molly and one of the parents (we took turns)  waited in line for a LONG time for Samuel to get to ride the pony.  He didn’t like it at first but by then end he didn’t want to get off.  
Today we did some coloring with his pumpkin mask and some scary rings. 

We hope your weekend was as fun-filled as ours!

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