Monday, October 10, 2011

Another First



Hanging out on the couch before breakfast this morning.


We had a big list of things to do before Mike left last week and a haircut for Samuel was one item on the list.  We just didn’t have time to get to it and he was getting pretty shaggy.

I have a thing for neat and tidy little boys (and girls for that matter!).  Blame it on my years of teaching students that looked like they just rolled out of bed and hair in such a mess that you couldn’t see their eyeballs.  Or more likely, blame it on the fact that I am my mother’s daughter—she likes neat and tidy too!  Anyway, I couldn’t stand the shagginess anymore so we went to the Wal-Mart(as Samuel calls it) and got a haircut.  

I was so proud of our big boy.  All the way there he gave himself a pep talk, telling himself that all big boys get their hair cut and the lady will be nice and it won’t hurt even a little bit and Mommy has skittles in her purse, over and over and over.  I was trying really hard not to laugh because he was VERY serious.  and when we got there he hopped right up in the chair and asked for a red skittle please!


Molly was totally impressed with the whole ordeal!


The only part that bothered him was that he forgot to eat a skittle and it melted in his hand. 

Afterwards, we went for a celebratory lunch at the Chick-fil-a.  He’s growing up way too fast!

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Kim Garner said...

The comments in the car were SO SWEET! Sounds just like something Mike would have said. Miss that little guy!


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