Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finger Paints

I saw this recipe for edible finger paint on Pinterest and thought we would give it a try this morning. So I pulled out some poster board we had leftover from VBS and we decided to make a Welcome Home Molly sign for her bedroom door.


While the edible playdoh looks just yummy, you probably won’t want to consume large quantities of this stuff.  But it’s safe for two-year-olds who like to taste everything.


What I wasn’t thinking about was the fact that our two-year-old doesn’t really like to get his hands yucky.  Seriously, what toddler doesn’t like to hear that they actually have permission to make a huge mess?


So we ended up finger painting with a spoon.


You can tell by the look on his face that he still wasn’t a huge fan and it only lasted about as long as it took me to snap a few photos.



Maybe we’ll try it again with Molly someday.



Changing the subject a little, I just wanted to record a few of the funny things he’s been saying lately so I won’t forget what he was like at 2 and a half:

  • Oh look, my feet are turning big!
  • I can’t, Daddy, I’m busy right now!
  • People call you Stefanie but I call you Mommy!
  • After crying about something…”I’m happy now!”
  • Hey, Daddy, how was your morning?  Pretty good?
  • I need some food!

And here’s a little conversation we had on the way home from the grocery store last week:

Samuel:  I don’t want to turn free on my birfday.

Mommy:  Really?  Why not?

Samuel: I just want to stay two.  I like to be two.

Mommy:  Well, that’s why we have birthdays.  Every year we get one number older.

Samuel:  Well, I don’t want to be free I’ll just stay two.  Okay?

Mommy:  Okay.  (What else could I say?  I think I’ll follow his idea and stick to 29 on my birthday.  Ha!)

I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of them right now.  He definitely keeps us laughing most of the time!

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