Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Well, baby sister has suddenly decided to start growing!  Last month at my appt. I was measuring a little small but this month…right on track!  It’s funny because last night as we were getting ready for bed I told Mike that I felt like I my stomach doubled in size over the weekend and sure enough this morning proved that I caught up in a matter of 4 short weeks.  It’s no wonder I'm bumping into everything in sight and I’m afraid I might have developed the “waddle.”  Ah, well, it’s all for a good cause.

Still no name for her but we’re working on it.  I feel like we haven’t prepared for this baby at all yet which I guess comes with the territory of a second baby.


Samuel is trucking right along with the potty training.  He’s been in his “big boys” for not quite two weeks and only has an accident if I forget to have him potty before I go upstairs to take a shower.  The boy who wants to do EVERYTHING by himself refuses to pull down his own pants.  He’ll even come to you if you’re on the couch, have you pull down his pants, and then shuffle all the way to the bathroom with his pants around his ankles, take care of business and then shuffle back to the couch so that you can pull his pants back up.  Thus the accidents if I’m in the shower.   Crazy boy!   He has yet to do the “big job” in the potty as he has it timed just right to do that just before getting up in the morning and then again just  before getting up from a nap.  But we can work on that later.  It’s just nice to be in two diapers a day.  He’s also resisting trying to sit on the big potty which might make long outings a challenge but so far we’ve really only been out for an hour or two at a time and he can hold it for that long without a problem.  The church has a toddler sized toilet but he chose to use the potty chair instead so I had to disinfect that before we left on Sunday morning.  Thanks, son.  But hey, he stayed dry the whole morning so I really can’t complain.  Again, it hasn’t even been two weeks yet.

So both Burns children are doing well. Mike is busy at work as always.  Last week, he got to meet with the secretary of the Air Force who was here for a visit.  And I am frantically trying to finish planning VBS before we head to Oklahoma for a week.  I volunteered myself for this job last fall before knew I was pregnant.  Now I have days where I wonder what I’ve gotten myself into but I think it’s coming together pretty well.  So you should see more regular posts from us after June 23rd. 


Kim Garner said...

So impressed with the potty training! That will be so nice when baby sister gets here!

Jen said...

So glad to hear the reassuring check-up news. And good job, Ro-Ro! I'll bet he's proud to go potty like a big boy.


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