Monday, May 16, 2011

Budding artist, toy boxes and Potties

This post is all over the place.  First off, Samuel made his first art project yesterday in Sunday School.  I realize that one day I’ll be trying to find a way to sneak these things in the trash on the way home so we won’t be overtaken by “art” but right now this is our first project that is not scribbles on a coloring sheet so it’s hanging in the kitchen window and I’m a proud Momma!




And Daddy finished a project that he’s been working on for a long time!  He built this thing completely from scratch, even making the little wooden plugs himself.  He did a great job and it’s beautiful!  Right now it’s a lovely addition to our living room until Samuel is old enough to play upstairs by himself.  It looks much better than the plastic containers we had before.


Finally,  Samuel has been wearing big boy underwear since Thursday and while we still have a ways to go he’s doing great using the potty!  He even dumps his Elmo potty into the big toilet all by himself and puts it all back together.  We’re still using diapers for sleeping and leaving the house for long periods but he is really catching on.  This morning we even went to Walgreen’s and the church and he stayed dry the whole time!  I thought the church would be a good testing place since they have a little toddler-sized potty in the nursery that we were able to use.  So we just may have a month or two break in the diaper dept. before we jump back in come August.  Yea!


Kim Garner said...

Wow!! The toy box looks AWESOME! Great job, Mike! So great that Samuel is already potty training and doing a good job :)

Jen said...

Good job, Mike! The chest is really beautiful. Just think, Samuel will probably use it for his own kids' toys someday!


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