Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter in Nashville

Warning: Picture Overload!


We took a spur of the moment trip to Nashville over the weekend to spend Easter with the Burns family. 


The seven cousins had lots of fun together.


We got to see Jack and Hank in action.


Sara Jane was really impressed with her brothers and slept the whole time.




The little boys were more interested in the snacks…and the dirt!


Still snoozing.  She is a sweetie and was completely unaware of the chaos.


Sunday afternoon we had an egg hunt


Samuel still doesn’t understand the whole egg hunting concept.  But he sure loved eating all of the jelly beans out of everyone else’s eggs!


The guys installed a ceiling fan in the kids’ room.


The Colburn house has the perfect bath tub for a cousin party.


The Easter  bunny was a little confused and didn’t make it to our hotel room until Monday morning.  Better late than never right?


And Samuel’s favorite thing to do in the hotel.  We let him climb up on the Ac unit and look out the window.  He loved it.

Really, he loved the whole trip.  He wanted Grandma to do everything for him and had a great time riding with William in the backseat.  On Monday evening we stopped at a Cracker Barrel for dinner and as we were driving off he hollered, “Thank you, Jesus, for that good food!”  



And here are a few I forgot earlier:


IMG_6683 copyIMG_6685 copyIMG_6686IMG_6687IMG_6691IMG_6699 

These boys were totally exhausted after church on Sunday and got in an hours nap while lunch was prepared.

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Jen said...

I LOVE all these pictures, Stef! I'm planning on framing several. We had such a good time. Thanks so much for making the trip. BTW, a little shoe got left behind from the bag o' clothes. Mom has it so you can get it when you guys go to OK next.


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