Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ro Ro Goes to the Zoo

We have had absolutely gorgeous weather the last week or so and we decided to head to the New Orleans Zoo with our neighbor and her sweet little baby, Leah on Wednesday. 

Samuel had a ball and loved seeing all of the animals.  His favorites included the ducks (of course, we have those right down the street!), the spider monkeys and the  elephants.  He also enjoyed meowing at all of the cougars, lions, tigers, etc.  I’m sure they appreciated that. Ha!

Since it was a Wednesday morning and not many people were there I let him out of the stroller for most of the day and he did a great job staying right with us.  I was a little nervous since I was pretty much by myself (my friend had her own stroller to push) but he did great.  I was proud of him!



Totally bored with this whole stroller thing, Mom.


Of course the shot with him looking at the camera was focusing on the flamingos and NOT the child.  That’s why I’m not a professional!


Looking for lions.  This zoo only has female lions so he was totally disappointed.  In the mind of a two year old it’s not a lion if it doesn’t have a mane.


OK, here’s a lion!  We can even pose with this one!


HE was braver than Mommy! 



Loved the monkeys.  He looks so grown up in this one!





And of course the playground is always a hit wherever we go!


It’s a little harder to take pictures when you have to keep up with Samuel and the stroller without help from Daddy or Grammy but we managed to get a few and had plenty of fun in the process!

He was so concerned about Baby Leah all day and asked where she was anytime her stroller got our of his sight.  It’s fun to see him enjoy her so much since he has a baby coming his way in about 5 months.  Hopefully he’ll be just as enthralled with his own brother or sister!  Speaking of, we’ll be scheduling our next ultrasound at my appt. on Monday.  So sometime in the next two to three weeks we’ll know if we can keep all or our blue or if some pink will be joining all the trucks and tractors around here!


ersterling said...

FUN! I wish I was there to go with you girls. I sure do miss you, friend!

PS I feel like you could write a whole series of books called "Ro Ro does/goes..." They'd be awesome and you'd be famous =)

Stefanie said...

I thought about the book series when I titled this post! We miss you too although this week you should be glad you're in Delaware. We've been boiling our water for over a week due to bacteria. Puts a damper on baking fun treats when you know you have to wash everything by hand! I still think you need to convince Jim to let you start a blog! We need to keep up with the Sterlings!


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