Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas 2010


My apologies for the late Christmas post.  I got the nasty Christmas stomach virus that was running through Owasso while we were in the hotel in Shreveport.  It was a really enjoyable ride home for the rest of the trip as you can imagine.  It took me several days to recover and for our house to recover (still in the works) so here you go…Christmas on January 2nd.  Better late than never, right?

IMG_5931Cousin William.  He’s a sweetie and we were so glad to get to spend so much time with him while we were in OK this time.  These boys are on their way to becoming great friends!



Who needs toys when you’ve got a toilet?


Uncle Mike on bath duty.  Who would have seen this coming two years ago?  Ha!









Jack was quite the pianist!


Resting up before we open presents.


Samuel’s two favorite things:  cookies and neck rubs!



A houseful of grandkids really wears a guy out!


Uncle Matt two (as Samuel calls him) and William opening presents.


More Mary. 


New Converse shoes from Uncle Cason and Aunt Cori.  Also known as Tutu and Titi.  Sorry guys!   He loves his shoes though!


A new “Papa adoo”  which translates Papa tractor.  Don’t worry you’ll learn the language soon.


More oresents.  My guess is some kind of truck that makes some kind of noise!


So this is a bad picture but it’s the best one we had with this shirt.  Look closely…that’s right, come August he’ll be a big brother!


Half of the Robison cousins.  Samuel and Daniel weren’t too interested in giving up their toys for picture time so this is the best we could get.



And that’s all the pictures I took during our trip.  Not too many from my side of the family.  That’s probably due to the fact that as soon as I entered my Mom’s house (or any relative for that matter) I found the nearest couch or recliner and crashed.  The total exhaustion phase of the first trimester hit me right before we left Mississippi and hasn’t gone since.  Nausea has since joined it and that means that I spend copious amounts of time on the couch.

As far as New Year’s goes, we had grand plans to watch the ball drop from the comfort of our living room (and our jammies) since we have a two year old and I currently have no energy.  We made it to 10:15 when we decided that it’s the same ball that drops every year and then we went to bed.  Sad.  Hope you all had more fun that we did.

Pretty much anything from cooking dinner to staring at the computer makes me want to run to the nearest bathroom so you might not be seeing many posts for the next month or so.  My family might not be getting many home cooked meals either…poor guys.   Hopefully you’ll hear more from us come February or so!


ersterling said...

Stef, I am so excited for you and Mike!!! Congrats on the baby on the way =) Sure wish we were going to be there in August, but we are really happy for you all!

Kim Garner said...

Love, love, love the pics! Thanks so much for posting. The bathtime pic is adorable!


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