Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas!

The marina here on base had a light ceremony last Wednesday.  Our sweet neighbors went with us but we didn't stay long.  Samuel was making me nervous.  I kept thinking that he would get away from us in the dark and we wouldn't be able to find him.  The marina is surrounded by water and a busy road so I was a little uptight.  Also, he dumped over a cup of hot chocolate and wolloped a few snowmen.

Our neighbors.  There's a moving van in their driveway right now...we are sad. :(

Santa rides a scooter.

Nothing says Christmas like sugar cookies!

And now for a few decorations...

Somehow we managed to go from two fireplaces to zero in our last move.  So I had to improvise and turn the china hutch into a mantel.  Turns out it's perfect--far away from little hands!

I find this fellow in different places on the tree every day.  So far it's the only ornament our busy body has messed with.  He calls him RoRo.

Samuel has finally moved on from pumpkins and scarecrows and now loves lights and snowmen.  We have a timer on our tree lights and I believe a certain little fellow has messed with it as the lights seem to click on and off throughout the afternoon.

Overall he does a pretty good job of not playing with the ornaments.  I guess we'll see what happens when presents start appearing under there!

And finally...have you checked out Baked Goods recently?  Cori has been very busy!

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Jen said...

Your house looks beautiful, Stef! And that's exactly what all our boys would have done when they were Samuel's age. I have a photo of myself mid-nervous breakdown with Jack at a wedding that Todd was in. Jack was 14 months old and was intent on running out from under the wedding ceremony tent into the driving rain of a thunderstorm. All the while, our friends' little boy contentedly stood by his parents!


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