Saturday, November 6, 2010


Ok, this is the second attempt at this post.  On Monday I got about halfway through and the screen went black. Turns out our video card was fried and we needed a new one.  Hopefully this one will last longer than a month!


SO Halloween was a big hit with Samuel.  Lots of people to see, plenty of attention and tons of M&M&Ma’s!  What more could a guy ask for?



Here we are on the front porch about to head out.


Not too sure about the gorilla.  He did finally warm up to a high five though.


I wasn’t sure he would keep the hat on but all it took was one look in the mirror and he hasn’t taken it off since.  Seriously, he’s taken a couple of naps with it on and he wore it on our errands yesterday.  It’s safe to say he’s into hats.




Let’s go!




Some of the neighbors with a cute little skunk.


There was a whole Mario themed family!


On our way!


It didn’t take him long to get the hang of trick-or-treating.  He even said thank you most of the time without prompting.  The first house gave him two pieces though, so he thought he was supposed to get two at every house.  That was a bit of a problem at first but it didn’t bother him long.


After about an hour we went back home to hand out candy from our own porch.  In the beginning whenever a group would come up Samuel would just get in line right behind them and put a piece in his own bucket.


Then he figured out that he was the one giving out the candy.  He loved that just as much as getting it himself mostly because he got to say, “Here you go!”  That’s one of his favorite phrases.


We did learn one lesson though.  Next year we’re taking a sack to dump his bucket into once in awhile.  It got pretty heavy but he was not about to let one of us carry it for him.  You might say he’s a little independent!


All in all we had a fun night!  We hope you enjoyed it too!


Cori said...

Cason and I love his costume!! He is too stinkin cute!

Kim Garner said...

You did a GREAT job on the cute!


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