Monday, October 4, 2010

Pavlov’s Dog

I don’t have any new pictures just different versions of old ones.  But I do have a funny story that I’ll add old pictures to just because every post is better with a picture or two!


 IMG_5170blog IMG_5170-copyblog2 IMG_5166-copyblogSo since the weather has been so nice we’ve established the habit of waking up from a nap and playing out on the front porch until dinner time.  Usually the neighbors join us for a minute or the whole time and we enjoy good fellowship while we wait for Daddy to come home.   Well, since we live on a military base the national anthem is played at 5:00pm.  We all stand up, face the flag and put our hand over our heart.  We’ve been working on this with Samuel and he’s pretty good at it since there’s usually a big group of us by 5:00 and he just goes right along with the crowd.  He rarely gets the correct hand and often just throws both hands up there just to cover his bases but hey, he’s only 1!  Today however,  the ice cream man came by around 4:00 with his music playing.  Samuel came running around the side of the house and quickly placed his hand on his heart standing very still (for him).  He stood that way for a long time throwing us confused looks like, “Why aren’t you guys showing a little respect here?”  We just kept laughing at him so eventually he danced a little jig and returned to playing.  What a crazy kid!

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