Thursday, September 30, 2010


Mike is much better about editing videos than I am.  I usually don’t have the patience to splice and blend or whatever it is that you do.  So the other night he put together a few clips for your enjoyment.  You will find two in this post and two in the one below it.


**I know this may be pretty boring for many of you.  Please feel free to skip these videos and move right along with your day.  However there are a couple of Grandmas and Grandpas in OK that might like to see them so here they are!


Papa said...

I can't believe that everyone wouldn't want to stop and view this budding genius.
Papa - Woops someone in OK

Kim Garner said...

Boring!! Are you kidding? That just made my day:)

Anonymous said...

Uhh pretty sure these were the best part of my day too!! And I'm not even a relative :-) And pretty sure I'm just living vicariously through you (or I guess through your blog) since I don't have a kid of my own.....too cute!!
Becky :-)


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