Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swimming Lessons

The little man started swimming lessons this week.

We had to take pictures BEFORE going to the pool as it's a Mommy and Me class and I have to get in the water with him. The times before and after the class are a bit stressful while I'm trying to get shoes, towels, etc. together and keep him from leaping into the pool all at the same time. So unless Mike can take an early lunch there probably won't be any action shots. Sorry.

But he is loving it. He tries to blow bubbles but hasn't quite mastered putting his face in and blowing at the same time. The blowing usually comes before or after he puts his face under. He likes to float on his tummy and rest one cheek in the water while I pull him around. Then he'll turn is head and get the other cheek. That's the only time he's relaxed during the whole thing.

His other favorite trick is jumping in. It's really more like Momma puts him on the side and then pulls him in but you him he's doing what the bigger kids are doing so he's happy! And I feel like my arms are going to fall off by the time we get to the car.

He also likes the songs we sing and claps for everyone at the end. Today he blew kisses to the teachers as we were leaving. The only thing he doesn't like is floating on his back. But we'll keep trying.

That's all for the swimming lesson report! Below you will find some pics I took before church on the 4th. I should have purchased those shorts in the red version. This was as patriotic as we could get in his Sunday School wardrobe.

This is what he does when I say, "Samuel let me take your picture."

Helpful, isn't he?

So then we have to play some games and get him loosened up a little.

He is growing long and lean and definitely losing his baby look. Sometimes I think his legs grow an inch everyday!

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