Monday, July 26, 2010

Never a Dull Moment

A lady at church invited all the children under 6th grade to swim at her house today. It turned out that only three people could come but we had lots of fun anyway. Now I'm thankful for the long nap time that always follows a busy morning.

Up until last week Samuel was not interested in TV. Then he discovered Elmo. Now he asks for Melmo constantly! He could not understand that Melmo does not air on Saturday. We tried another cartoon but he was not tricked. It's Melmo or nothing! It looks like I'll be hunting an inexpensive Elmo DVD soon!

Saturday morning Mike was doing the yard work and I put Samuel in his bed with some toys so that I could take a shower. I was standing at the sink putting on my make-up and listening to his chatter when suddenly the chatter got louder almost as if it was getting closer. Then I turned around to see some little yellow monkey jammies coming toward me! He walked in the bathroom and casually said, "Hi, Momma!" I couldn't believe it. At first I thought Mike had come in and sent Samuel in to scare me. But nope, he was still outside. The little monkey climbed out of his bed! I put him back in to see if he would show me and sure enough he just threw his leg over the top, reached down and grabbed the bar with one hand, swung himself over, landed on his feet and he was off! As soon as Mike came in the house he lowered the mattress. So we've got an inch or so of growing before we're in trouble again.

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