Sunday, April 11, 2010

New Adventures

As you can see we had a lovely, relaxing Saturday morning eating scones and scrambled eggs and drinking coffee. So we decided to make it a fun day and headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama!

So far in our time on the coast, Samuel has looked at the sand from afar. This was his first hands-on experience. Walking was a little difficult for him. But he was not bothered just determined.

If you stand like this you won't fall over...most of the time.
(Would you say this boy needs a tan?)

Now I'm getting the hang of it!

First time to see the water. I would love to know what was going through his head.
I'm not sure why it never crossed my mind that he would want to get IN the water. But get in he did. And Mommy was not prepared!

This ocean thing is great!

Woooooaahh! It's cold but so fun!

After a little tumble face first into the sand.

Watching the waves with Daddy.

And this is the result of our unpreparedness. He was soaked to the bone and we didn't have extra clothes. There was a time in his life I never left the house without extras but what can I say, solid foods have made me careless! So we stripped him down to his diaper and rinsed him off in the shower. We had to use Mike's undershirt for a towel. We loaded him in the car with just a diaper and headed to the outlet mall in Foley. The Children's Place had a sale (Yea!) and this is the result. So I wasn't so sad about the wet clothes after all.

Oh and Foley has the biggest outlet mall I've ever seen. And I had to make a quick skim through a few stores because I was with 2 boys. Oh well, next time!


Jen said...

What great pictures! You guys are going to have so much fun down there. We've had to stop by Foley for emergency swim trunks before.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pictures of him walking in the cracked me up. I was struggling to make out his legs though - they kinda blend in with the sand!! Lol :-) He is a cutie though.


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