Thursday, April 22, 2010

Busy Man

Would you believe this little fella has a fever?

We went to MOPS this morning and when I went to the toddler room to get him I found him laying on the tile floor. We got home and he had a 102 degree fever. Poor boy. So he slept all afternoon and woke up at 6. He was down to about 100.3. This could be due to the tylenol. If he still has a fever in the morning I'm taking him to the doctor because we had a case of hand, foot and mouth disease in the church nursery last week. Hopefully this is just a little 12 hour bug and we'll be back on track tomorrow.

Mike went out to adjust the sprinklers and Samuel felt that he HAD to go with him.

Apparently riding around the backyard is too hard to resist even when you're sick!

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