Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Home!

We're here! Wednesday morning the moving truck pulled up and by the time we went to bed the kitchen was unpacked and the beds were made.

Samuel came on Thursday! (Grammy and Papa came too.) Friday we got all the pictures hung and things really started to come together. We had planned on doing something on the beach Saturday afternoon but Grammy and Papa had to leave early because of the weather in Oklahoma. We are so glad they came and helped us. We're looking forward to their next visit and anyone else who might like to come!

In the picture above you see the view of the living/dining room from the kitchen.

Guest room/Office

Our bedroom. I'll have to show you Samuel's room later. He's sleeping right now.

View from the front door.

Looking into the breakfast nook from the kitchen. Samuel loves the windows that he can look out of. He spends a lot of time saying "hi" and waving and most recently looking for the woofs (my parents dogs). He has been wandering around saying "woof" and looking for them.


We also have a nice big utility room with a utility sink and folding counter. I LOVE that! We are feeling pretty settled and looking forward to getting to know people around here. Tomorrow Samuel and I are getting together with some of the neighbor girls for coffee. Our street is quite friendly and the wives get together all the time. We have visited two churches and we have a few more on the list. So all in all things are looking great!

Samuel's favorite part of the neighborhood.

I love Mississippi, Mom!

Please come see us soon!

1 comment:

Jen said...

I hope we can come see you soon! The place looks great, especially with all your stuff moved in.


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