Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter in the Park 2010

This morning the marina hosted Easter in the Park. They had a parade and then an Easter Egg Hunt. Samuel wasn't too sure what to think about the parade. It was basically a bunch of cars blowing their horns and firetrucks with their sirens on. I think it was a little too loud for him. They threw out some pretty neat stuff though. One of our new friends got a Pirate's of the Caribbean movie. After the parade we headed over to the egg hunt for ages 0-4. The eggs were scattered on the grass so there wasn't a lot of hunting involved. Samuel stood completely still and just watched until all the eggs were gone then he took off. Probably because by that point he had the whole place to himself! HA! We'll have to work on the hunting process another year. We did end up with one egg though and he was happy with that.

Posing with his one lone egg.

Watching with Daddy.

Only in the South do you get Mardi Gras beads with your Easter Eggs!

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