Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's not easy being one...

  • Well, we pretty much have a walker on our hands. He hasn't completely mastered the skill yet which results in great frustation. He finally figured out how to stand up without pulling up to something but he tries to start walking before he's steady and then tumbles forward or plops down on his bottom. Then he cries. And cries. But he keeps trying over and over. Like everything else he'll figure it out soon enough.
  • Molars are a pain. Literally. This morning he was gnawing on his finger and bit himself with the teeth he already has. It wasn't pretty.
  • He has figured out that shoes and socks go on your feet and hats go on your head. He has not figured out that holding your socks up to your feet won't magically get them on. Then he looks at us in amazement when we slip them on his feet. Same with hats.
We went to the outlet mall yesterday to get his first set of real tennis shoes. Thank you, Grammy and Papa! We also stocked up on a few things for next winter at the Children's Place. If you have a Children's Place Outlet near you they are having a great sale on Winter clothing. Especially if you have girls. But we found quite a few things too. Everything is under $3. Can't beat that!


Matthew said...

What cute stories! I think it's great how you keep changing the look of you blog. "Adventures in Toddlerhood" is a pretty good idea too!

Also, I like the word "Ornery." I keep thinking of all the stories I've heard of Mike when he was little :) He's going to be a lot of fun! Tell the boys uncle Matt said Hi!

Stefanie said...

Thanks! I can send you the links where I get the backgrounds if you want but I know some of them can be pretty girly. Also I just saw a tutorial on how to do blog headers with Picasa. If I can find it again I'll send it to you. He's definitely a lot like Mike--They make a lot of the same faces. I can't wait until all of the "Burns" boys are at a stage to play together. That will be so fun.


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