Saturday, February 6, 2010


What is all over my hands?

Party guests

A little pre-party snack

These pictures have no order to them whatsoever. If anyone has tips on how to make blogger cooperate I would appreciate the help!

We had a wonderful time at Samuel's party today. He had lots of fun with his friends and he LOVES chocolate icing. He had a ball with his cake--at one point it looked like he grew and beard. We just stripped down to his diaper and let him have it. We had BBQ sandwiches, Texas potatoes, poppyseed salad and of course cake and ice cream! I didn't get many pictures other than the cake eating but my friend Mindy took a lot so I'll post more when she sends them to me. I haven't looked at the video yet but I'll post that soon too. Just wanted to tide Grammy over. HA!

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