Friday, January 29, 2010

New Activities

Jail Bird!

We rearranged our living room back to the way we had it before the stager came in. We've had several people say they didn't like the floor plan so we thought we would give this arrangement a shot so that they can see that you can arrange the living area so that it's separate from the breakfast nook. Now Samuel has fun spinning the chair around and around. I also included his steps. He took 4 steps just before we shot this but we never got him to do that many again last night. This morning he walked from the end of his bed to the closet. He's getting braver! (more brave? I'm not sure!) Enjoy!


Jen said...

He's so cute in the side table! Is he a climber like his cousins? I'm online now because I am ordering Samuel's birthday present. Hopefully, it will make it on time. Hope you have a GREAT birthday tomorrow, Stef!

Stefanie said...

Oh yes, he's a climber! We're just glad he's short which prevents him from getting on things like the furniture (for now anyway)! Thanks for the birthday wishes!


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