Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Time

All bundled up and ready to go to our Sunday School Christmas party. Momma was excited because there was child care so she could chat with the girls and Samuel was excited because he got to play with the big kids!

We tried to see Santa today at the mall but they wanted to charge us $20 for a picture. Crazy! I asked if we could just put him on Santa's lap and take our own picture but she said no. So instead we finished up our Christmas shopping and stopped by to watch the puppies for a few minutes. I will be doing some research this week to find a free Santa where we can take our own picture. Twenty bucks, I can't believe it.

Samuel and Daddy after work. He's also showing off his new trick, waving. We wave all the time--to the Christmas tree, the stockings, mirrors, people at the store...He loves this new skill.

Dinner with the Merritt's at Johnny Carino's. I'm pretty sure the babies had no idea we were taking a picture but they were having a good time anyway.

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