Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas in Oklahoma

Rocking in his chair that Papa had when he was a little guy.

With Aunt Cori in their OSU gear. We'll be looking for her on Saturday at the game!

Mike with sweet baby Will. Grandma's in the background with her new computer. Yea!

Trying to get a picture of Samuel and Will in their matching outfits. I never did get a good one of their faces, but we tried.

Surrounded by presents at Grandma's

I finally got to hold Will!

Playing with Hank

The cousins checking out their loot.

Santa brought him a cell phone

Christmas Eve

Tickle Me Elmo from Aunt Cori

Opening presents at Grammy's.

We had a wonderful time in Oklahoma for Christmas. Samuel was entertaining as usual and enjoyed getting lots of new toys. We finally got to meet Will (there are more pics over here on his blog) and we had lots of fun watching the Colburn cousins see their Santa gifts. Samuel was such a good boy, he hardly fussed the whole trip. And he was happy to show off his tricks to anyone who might want to see them. We got home last night about 5:30 and he was a wild man. He crawled all over the house squealing then after dinner we were playing on the floor and he kept pulling up and then throwing himself on the floor and laughing. I think he was really happy to be out of the car. Today I got all of his new toys put together, packed away some that he has outgrown and separated the rest into two bins that we can rotate in and out so he has "new" toys every few weeks. We have groceries in the fridge and a tag on our car so today has been quite productive. Now we're looking forward to Uncle Matt (Burns) coming for the weekend!

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