Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Grammy and Papa Come to Visit

Ready for church on Sunday

First time in a swing

The flannel guys.
Poor Samuel. Grammy and Papa are gone. He had to entertain himself while I made dinner last night and he wasn't too happy about it. But he's getting over it. We lots of fun while Grammy and Papa were here. I got Samuel's stocking made and now have a few new sewing tricks up my sleeve. My dad put cabinet locks on all our cabinets so Samuel can no longer climb in them. We went to the park a couple of times and let him swing. I'm not sure if he liked the swing or watching all the big kids play more.
In other news, if you would like to visit the mountains and have a free place to stay you better come soon. It looks like next year we'll be living on the beach. Yesterday, Mike got notification that his next assignment will be in Biloxi, MS. We haven't accepted it yet but if he stays in we'll be headed south in April. We spent 3 months in Biloxi a year after Hurricane Katrina. Hopefully things have changed a bit in the last 3 years. We'll keep you posted as we find out more.

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