Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lunch with Daddy

Not really sure why this is side-ways but I don't have time to mess with it so here you go! We went to Schriever to eat lunch with Mike today and show Samuel off to the office. We had to shed the blanket as soon as we stepped outside because it was so warm out. After we got home I took a walk in short-sleeves! I took my camera to lunch but forgot to get it out so this one will have to do. He's very excited about our trip as you can tell. He woke up when we got there and charmed all the ladies though! Notice the cheeks--this boy has been eating like crazy. I think he has joined a chubby cheeks contest and forgot to tell me about it. He even has sweet little wrinkles in his wrists. So cute! We're off to do some tummy time, hope everyone is having a good day!

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