Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mystery Date

Mike planned a surprise date for us last night. We went to the Winter Wildland at the zoo and then to a BBQ dinner and Christmas show at the Flying W Ranch here in the Springs. We had to dress really warm because it was about 4 degrees outside so it was a little hard for him to get me to dress warm enough without telling me what was going on but he did a good job. I didn't guess until I saw the zoo sign. Here are a few pictures from the evening and one of Quincy hanging out in the office chair while Mike was studying. I don't think he knows what he is in for in a few weeks. We'll just let him enjoy being king of the castle a little while longer.

Tomorrow Alan is bringing us a pack and play and a travel crib. We are also getting a new dog for the week. Toby, the chocolate lab is coming to stay with us while my friend Suzy goes to Virginia. We are also house and cat sitting for Mike's commander who lives in our neighborhood. Luckily cats can stay at home by themselves or I would have a hard time with this one. Other than that we should have a pretty quiet week. I am completely finished with school. I graded finals for 3 1/2 hours Friday afternoon so I wouldn't have to go back after Christmas. Now I'm just waiting for Samuel to get here. We're down to 6 weeks (or less)!

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