Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Mike has been studying all afternoon but decided to take a break for a few minutes. He's sawing something in the garage so I decided to take advantage of the computer while he is outside. Tomorrow is his birthday but since he has class on Monday nights we have been celebrating this weekend. Yesterday I made a big pancake breakfast and gave him his first present. Today he got a new watch. His old one had the right minutes but the hour was alway 2700. Who knew we had 27 hours in a day? Wouldn't that be nice sometimes? Here are a few pics from yesterday. The onsie says Daddy's MVP. I got some little navy blue cargo pants to go with it.
In other news, we are officially members of V7. We took the New Members class in August and this morning they presented us to the church. We don't have an invitation so new members are introduced about once a quarter. We have been greeting, going to Bible Study and on the leadership team for our Sunday School class and I've been teaching at the school for a while but now we're officially in the books!
The Air Force gives a leave day on your birthday so Mike has tomorrow off. I will still be enlightening young minds however. That's about it here. We are in the process of looking for baby furniture and I'm almost finished with my blanket. I'll post pics when I get it complete.

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