Sunday, September 14, 2008

Come on, Wednesday!

Wednesday is the big day! We can't wait for this ultrasound and hope that the baby is cooperative. Mike is planning on bringing the new red video camera with us so hopefully we'll have a video to post soon. Wednesdays are pretty crazy with school running home for dinner and back to church for Bible Study so it will probably be Thursday before I get anything posted.

Speaking of Bible study, it is so cool to live in a town like C. Springs. We have lots of Ministry headquarters here including Focus on the Family, Compassion, The Navigators, there are more I just can't think of them. Since we have all of these places here we also have lots of interesting people. The woman who is leading our Bible Study on Ruth this semester actually wrote the study! We also recently started with the greeters' ministry and a few weeks ago we shook hands with an older couple, asked them their names and he said...Jerry Bridges! If you don't know Jerry Bridges, he is a wonderful author. We actually have several of his books. I had no idea he went to our church! Apparently Village Seven has several resident authors. Who knew?

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Fillmore Family said...

Now that I'm blogging, I just found your blog! I am soooooo excited that you're having a baby! Wow! That is wonderful news you guys! It is really awesome being pregnant, even though there are the worries and bigness that accompany it. Well, it is so wonderful to "talk" to you again! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Feel free to visit our blog and post when you have time! Love ya! Kaycee


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